Tips from the Road

During our road trip we’ve learned some things, About life. About driving. About saving money. Here’s what we learned: Apps You Need Hotwire Priceline Waze Yelp Trip Advisor Eating Eating three full meals on the road can be a lot of calories. You probably won’t want three big meals, especially if you’re sitting in the […]

The Earth Keeps Spinning

Throughout most of our cross country trip, even in big cities like St. Louis and Memphis, I wondered where all the people were. They’re in LA. (And mostly stuck in traffic.) At the Griffith Park Observatory, city residents hiked on the dusty trails that snaked through the mountains around us, getting a respite from the […]

At the End of the Pier

The car climbed up the hills of Los Angeles. In the early morning, the thick fog obscured their ascent. In the rearview mirror, one could barely see the gigantic white letters sitting on the hills. At the top, they parked their red coupe and walked towards the observatory, cautiously scoping the scene. Looking over the […]

Las Vegas Part 2: Anna Learns to Gamble

Today Anna learned how to play Craps, Roulette, and Video Poker. And we didn’t go broke. After checking out of the Stratosphere in the morning, we headed over to In-N-Out Burger, because I’ll be damned if I don’t go to an In-N-Out every chance I get. After the burgers, we drove over to Golden Nugget […]

Over the Edge: Las Vegas

A young man stood on a platform 1100 feet above the Vegas strip. He grinned and posed, giving the camera a thumbs up. But when the attendant hooked the caribbeaner onto his harness and started backing him toward the edge, the young man’s expression changed. Terror. Regret. He grabbed onto a rail desperately. The attendant […]

Over the Edge: Grand Canyon

Everyone tells you pictures don’t do the Grand Canyon justice. They’re right. But at the same time, the expansive backdrop looks like a movie set, like a postcard of itself. It’s so deep and so wide, filled with pyramids of carved limestone with little tufts of shrubs sticking out of them. At the visitor’s center […]


Today we learned that there is a difference between a “natural landmark” and a “national landmark.” National landmarks have free admission. Natural landmarks cost $18 per adult. Somewhere in Arizona east of Flagstaff is an overpriced hole in the ground creatively titled “Meteor Crater.” If you happen to be in the area and tune your […]

The Truth Is Out There

Mac Brazel was working out on his ranch when he came across some odd-looking debris scattered in a field. It was spread out 3 football fields wide. Not recognizing the material, he gathered a sample and took it to the local sheriff’s office. The sheriff passed it on to officials at Roswell Army Airfield, just […]

Oo-ee-oo I look just like Buddy Holly

Miles from anywhere is Lubbock, Texas. If you blink you may pass it. If you somehow come upon Lubbock, Texas you are probably lost. We stopped for lunch in Lubbock on our way to Roswell at a joint called the Cast Iron Skillet. It was basically a real-life Cracker Barrel. This is what Cracker Barrel […]