Cape Girardeau – A town with 8 antique shops and 1 restaurant

After briefly checking out the St. Louis Zoo yesterday we hit the road for Memphis.

Logged a lot of miles.

Looking for somewhere to eat lunch, Anna used Yelp for “Anywhere in a 50 mile radius” and came upon a cajun joint in a town called Cape Girardeau.

Getting off the highway, we stumbled upon a tiny town that had an abundance of antique shops and seemingly only one restaurant, a cajun joint called Broussard’s.

Entering Broussard’s this was quintessential small-town restaurant. The tables and chairs were a bit rickety. There was a large faded mural on the wall. The place was a bit smoky and dusty. For some reason there was a brown carpet that was probably red when the restaurant opened. Attached to the wall and sitting on top of a wooden platform was a large ’90s-era tube TV. it made you wonder why they just didn’t get an LCD or plasma and mount it to the wall. The décor was all a bit dated by about 40 years. “Americana” comes to mind.

The restaurant had an attached bar with a tiny stage for bands to play. Clearly, the social hub of the town.

It was perfect.

The menu was very cajun. It had every type of fish and crustacean you wouldn’t eat unless it was breaded, deep fried and slathered with hot sauce. It also featured gator, just because. The water glasses were Big Gulp-sized. We could just have sat there all afternoon soaking the place in.

After lunch we walked through the town. The town sits along the mighty Mississippi, which had a strong current and was carrying a lot of debris downstream. It looked like a log flume, with so many wood stumps being carried away.

After browsing through 5 of the 8 souvenir shops we hit the road again.

Coming into Memphis at around 6pm we needed a hotel. We were considering camping, but the campground reviews said, “This campground is literally right next to the highway. You will hear traffic as you try to sleep.” Really unromantic. We passed on camping for the night and played the Hotwire hotel lottery once more, landing this time on the King Signature Hotel, a bit of a run-down joint 3 minutes from Graceland.

Anna was apprehensive at first because from the exterior it looked condemned. Walking inside, we heard music blasting from the hotel bar where people seemed to be having a good time.

Next, on to the Gibson Guitar Factory, Graceland, and Sun Studio.

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  • Funny. I’ve been to Cape Giradeaux and had a meeting literally over one of the largest natatoriums. I think I ate in that restaurant.

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