Cat Lovers of Abilene

West Texas has:



-oil derricks

-nonsensical speed limits

-cat lovers

Three Texans camped a few spots down from us at Abilene State Park. Shirtless and smoking cigarettes, they blasted music from their car.

As we set up our tent, they walked over to make sure their music wasn’t bothering us. When they found out we were from New York, their interest spiked.

“Is New York like the movies?” one of them asked, his eyes lighting up with curiosity.

“…Which movies?” I asked.

“Like… Elf… or Sex and the City?”

“More like Elf than Sex and the City,” Andrew told him.

They invited us to join them for a Bud Light, and we accepted, as long as it wasn’t Bud Light Lime. We shared life stories, and though we lead very different lives, we formed an instant bond over our love of cats. They have five cats and a dog in the house they all share. We spent the night sharing cat photos, watching youtube videos on our phones, and reading each other’s tarot cards by candlelight.

Speaking of cats, JD is chilling out on Long Island at “Camp Willmann,” as can be seen in the above photo. She gets daily walks through the yard in which she terrorizes the wildlife, and is apparently having a blast.

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