First Time Camping Thoughts

This morning I woke up in a tent. That’s never happened before.

I know, what probably seems like a natural part of your life was something missing from mine up until today.

Here are some thoughts:

  • The ground is hard
  • The tent looked a lot harder to pitch than it actually was
  • What do you get out of camping with an RV?
  • The yoga mat we used to cushion the floor did nothing
  • The campground had electricity hookups for some tents. What is this for????
  • The “campground” was basically a flat plot of grass surrounded by trees and a bunch of marked off parking spots for RVs and tents
  • We really should have brought s’mores ingredients
  • We should have brought bug spray
  • The ground is very hard
  • My back is killing me
  • I would do this again

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