Today we learned that there is a difference between a “natural landmark” and a “national landmark.”

National landmarks have free admission. Natural landmarks cost $18 per adult.

Somewhere in Arizona east of Flagstaff is an overpriced hole in the ground creatively titled “Meteor Crater.” If you happen to be in the area and tune your radio to AM 1610, you will listen to a hyped up car salesman pitch a 50,000-year-old mile-wide crater on what we later learned is private property.

On the six mile drive off of highway forty, colorful signs tease the awesomeness of METEOR CRATER. The first sign cautions you to drive 50 miles per hour, but METEORS can go 26,000 miles per hour. Because METEORS obey road signs.

There is also a dedicated RV park outside METEOR CRATER because this is an attraction worth sleeping over for.

Prepare for impact. AM 1610 commands.

Never have you been so excited to see a hole in the ground.

Although you may try the box office is non-negotiable when it comes to the $18 admission fee. So then you’ll turn around and drive the six miles back to the highway and write a pissed off blog entry about how you went a half hour out of your way for nothing.

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