Texarkana makes no fucking sense.

A city that exists across a state line, in Arkansas and Texas.

What must have started out as a game of chicken to see which state would give up first, Texarkana still exists as a city in both Arkansas and Texas.

Even though they have their own mayors and city councils, they share a lot of the same buildings including the federal building, courthouse, jail, post office, chamber of commerce, and some other places.

Driving from Arkansas to the Texas side, there’s a nice modest sign on the Arkansas side welcoming you to Texarkana. Once you cross the border, the Texas side welcomes you with a giant water tower. “Texarkana Texas, twice as nice.”

I am sure if you were traveling in the opposite direction, the other side of the tower would say, “Now leaving Texarkana, TX, and making a big mistake”

Even Arkansas and Texas disagree on the pronunciation of the city’s name. In Arkansas it’s pronounced “Tex-uh-con-uh”; in Texas it’s “Tex-R-can-uh”.

On a side note, entering Texas, you would think gas would be cheaper here, since it’s all Texas talks about. But it costs just as much as everywhere else.

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