The Truth Is Out There

Mac Brazel was working out on his ranch when he came across some odd-looking debris scattered in a field. It was spread out 3 football fields wide. Not recognizing the material, he gathered a sample and took it to the local sheriff’s office. The sheriff passed it on to officials at Roswell Army Airfield, just a few miles away.

A few days later, on July 8, 1947, the RAAF issued a press release about the discovery of the remains of an Unidentified Flying Object on the Brazel ranch. The local papers went nuts, reporting on the possibility of a flying saucer and spacemen.

The next day, the army clarified – the debris didn’t come from an alien spacecraft, but from a weather balloon. And everyone should stop asking questions. Case closed.

But was it?

Glenn Davis, the local funeral director, claimed that on July 7 he got a call from the air force base asking about the number of child-sized caskets he had in stock. And a nurse friend from the local hospital told him she had seen strange corpses with small bodies and giant eyes…

The International UFO Museum in Roswell, NM delves into this mystery. Unfortunately, it is the lowest-budget museum I’ve ever been to. The space is set up like a high-school science fair, with framed news articles and photos of suspicious phenomena hanging on temporary dividers.

Clearly the entire operating budget was spent on the display in the center of the room, where gray-bodied aliens stare out at us with their big bug eyes. Every fifteen minutes or so, a hiss of steam will release from the saucer behind them, frightening small children that have posed for a photo.

The town has the feel of a child’s toy that was once the favorite but has since been forgotten. Aliens greet you from every edifice – not just the souvenir shops, but even the furniture stores and restaurants. But everything seems to have lost its luster. There are a few tourists, but the streets aren’t packed. Roswell has become a footnote, not a destination.

And we may soon forget that the truth is out there…

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