Over the Edge: Grand Canyon

Everyone tells you pictures don’t do the Grand Canyon justice.

They’re right.

But at the same time, the expansive backdrop looks like a movie set, like a postcard of itself. It’s so deep and so wide, filled with pyramids of carved limestone with little tufts of shrubs sticking out of them.

At the visitor’s center numerous signs warn us not to try hiking to the Colorado River, at the bottom, and back in one day. You might die. Just FYI. We decide on a 3 mile roundtrip trek.

It’s cool at the top, at 6000 feet, but as we descend along the narrow trail deeper into the canyon, the sun gets hotter. The steep, narrow path down Bright Angel Trail is filled with people.

Some have sturdy shoes and serious walking sticks, which make them look like odd four-legged animals. Some people carry their infants in backpacks. (This is pointless. Your baby will not remember this in ten years.)

As we traipse down the red-dirt trail, we pass hikers huffing and sweating on their slow upward march. The rest house at the 1.5 mile marker is nothing special, but there is a spigot with fresh water to refill your bottle, and some shade to stop and eat a snack. The squirrels are friendly and approach without caution, even trying to weasel their way into purses. Not everyone finds this as adorable as I do.

We could have descended down to the 3 mile marker, or even further, but it wasn’t necessary. You get the same breathtaking vista from any point along the trail.

For the afternoon, we decided to do something entirely different….

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